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Serve With Grace

If you like to complete your morning ritual with an egg, why not honor it with an egg cup that extends this experience.
Inspired by the old Danish children's' game 'æggeløb' this delicate egg cup with a handle has been carved from a solid piece of the finest white oak, before applying the handle. Each egg cup is perfected and sealed with three layers of lacquer making it water resistant, and easy to clean. Hand wash and dry with a towel immediately after.


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The perfect cut

The Golden Cut chopping board in white oak is inspired by the golden ratio and handcrafted in Copenhagen. Based on the idea that if you choose a rectangle why not choose the one that science has proven to be the most pleasing to the eye. The sides of the board are decorated with food grade laquered gold leaf. The sharp edges on each of the sides give you a clear and precise definition of the working area. Since you will most likely be working with a knife, the sharp edges of the board also serve as a tactile reminder for your hands. The thickness of the board gives it the perfect distance from the table.
The delicate gold leaves may fade a bit with time giving the board a charming patina.
Hand wash and dry with a towel before leaving it in an upright position with space on each of the sides.




Keep it hot

Hot drinks are meant to stay hot. Lucid is a tea light warmer in pure polished brass that helps keep your coffee, tea or any other drink hot. It can be used for a single cup or a pitcher. Designed to have references to a classic gas stove it brings an element of simplicity and luxury to your home. It comes flat in the packaging, allowing it to be assembled and disassembled easily.
Simply place a lid tea light in the center and enjoy your drink. Sold out at the moment. I will restock as soon as possible, so keep an eye out.


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Keep it cool

Collected is a trivet made from pure polished brass. It consists of two parts that slide together to form a trivet that makes the perfect accessory for a beautiful dining table and serves as a functional way to protect your precious table when serving a hot meal for you and your guests. When you are done serving, simply slide the two parts from each other and store them in your cutlery tray until your next hot meal.

"Little Clip, Lotta Light."



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Put it on and it turns on

“Vesterbro is a clip-on light that flashes when you put it on something. Put it on your jacket, bag, your dog's collar or wherever you can think of. No need to worry about turning it off again. This happens automatically when you remove the light. The light does not contain any screws, so you can easily recycle all parts by simply cutting the tpu band.



Who is

Eschel is founded on an urge to create products that outlive fast trends, and from a commitment to design and develop long-lasting and meticulous products.

Since 2005 I've been driven by an ambition to pursue designs that will last for generations. Resisting short-sighted trends, and working towards a more considerate way of approaching design.

The world is crowded with objects. A more-is-more culture has taken its toll on the design industry, leading to products that do not live up to the intentions of beauty and functionality, the principles that define great design.

Design is not about compromising on either aesthetics or functionality. For me design is about finding that place where beauty and functionality come together to create something that's better than what's out there already.

My design range consists of everyday items that I have disentangled and re-invented to meet the needs of both beauty and performance.

It takes patience to go from idea to finished product because great design doesn't come from rushing, but from doing things properly.