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Stick Egg Cup

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Serve With Grace

If you appreciate an egg in the morning like me, why not honor it with a egg cup that extends this experience with a handle. It is a simple design but it makes this morning ritual even more delicate. The white oak has been sealed with 3 layers of water based lacquer for the environment and easy hand washing, just remember to dry with a towel. Designed by me and inspired by the old Danish children’s game “æggeløb”

Goldencut Gold

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Oak Chopping board

Dimensions of the board are loosely based on the “golden cut” If you chose a rectangle why not chose one that most people will find pleasing. The board is designed by me and handcrafted in Copenhagen. The sharp edges of the board gives you a clear and precise definition of the working area and at the same time gives your hands the tactile reminder that you soon will be working with something sharp - a knife. The boards thickness gives a good working distance from the table and gives the board a great way to dry. The edge is food grade lacquered gold leaf.




Tea light
Warmer Lucid

The Tea light warmer “"Lucid"” is a tea or coffee warmer made for a single cup or a pitcher. It’s designed to have references to a gas stove. In addition, it’s manufactured to be flat in the packaging, and assembles easily. It comes in a pure polished brass edition. It is Sold out at the moment but will be back at some point, but as always be quick.



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The trivet “"Collected"” is just like the tea light warmer made in solid brass. The product consists of two parts that slide together to form the trivet. This makes for a beautiful dining table while you are waiting for the food to be served. When “Collected” isn't being used you can easily slide the two parts from each other and keep them in your cutlery tray waiting for the next hot meal. I always make small batches so be quick if you want to get one.

"Little Clip, Lotta Light."



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“Vesterbro” is a clip-on light that can be put on almost anything and in any situation. When it’s put on it turns on and starts flashing. Put it on your jacket, bag, your dog’s collar or wherever you can think of - the material only needs to be about 3mm thick. The light doesn't contain any screws so you can easily recycle all parts by simply cutting the TPU band.




Who is

For me the goal is to create genuinely well-thought-out products. I want to resist following shortsighted trends and instead pursue products that will last for generations. The products I make always have an element of physical interaction with the user. I believe that this interaction gives the product purpose and energy back to the development process. Innovation is at the core of my work. Each product I make is made from an idea to raise the bar for what is already out there. I always strive to make products more beautiful, but because functionality and beauty seldom go hand in hand it takes a lot of patience and time.